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Self custody Bitcoin on a full node with interoperable on-chain, lightning, and liquid transactions.

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Secure by Design

Secure self custody wallet design that helps keep your Bitcoin under your control with viable recovery options if a key gets lost.

"Not your keys, not your Bitcoin."

2-of-3 multi-sig designSecure "lost key" recovery optionsSelf custody your Bitcoin


Swap Bitcoin between Lightning, Liquid and on-chain— or make it automatic

Automatically manage Bitcoin across Lightning, Liquid and on-chainRe-fill Lightning channels with automatic Submarine SwapsEnhanced privacy with Taproot transactions

Don't Trust, Verify

Each account is backed by a full node, giving you the security of self verification and permissionless access to the Bitcoin Network

Verify the Blockchain from the Bitcoin networkSend transactions with privacy from anywhere in the worldTake part in Bitcoin consensus and secure the network.

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